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Hella is a vocal ensemble with singers Eline De Coninck, Kalinka Verschraegen, Lotte Pauwels and Ahanna Verschraegen. They sing Dutch compositions and arrangements of traditional melodies. During their search for unique homogeneity, they were inspired by Scandinavian sounds and choir music. May you be enchanted by four female voices that will take you to pure, warm and colorful harmonies.

“Heerlijke samenzang die zelfs in een intieme setting moeiteloos een uur kan boeien.”
- Cultuur Gent




Elsene (Brussel)

11 March 2023

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La Crapaude + Hella

Muziekclub 't Ey

7 april 2023 -- 21:00

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't Smiske

Gemeenteplein 7, 1730 Asse

13 mei 2023 -- 20:00

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Herberg Macharius

Coyendanspark 1, 9000 Gent

25 juni 2023